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The Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability works with Estates to support the corporate objective to reduce energy by delivering a programme of awareness, engagement and practical action.

Utilities currently cost the University approximately £20M per annum and the University has a duty to reduce its carbon footprint.  This is a significant Social Responsibility and Sustainability challenge for the University in the years ahead.  

Image of a pressure dial in one of the University's energy centres
Part of the University's low carbon energy infrastructure.

The Climate Action Plan 2010 proposed a reduction in University carbon emissions of 29% by 2020, with an interim target of 20% by 2015, against a 2007 baseline.

A Climate Change Strategy is being developed which includes practical planning for utilities savings.   

Unlocking savings from utilities will require a joined up approach taking into consideration: 

  • building design and refurbishment 
  • specific issues within laboratories 
  • promoting positive behaviour change 
  • ensuring incentives are in place for managers and support staff 
  • identifying technical initiatives for energy supply 
  • unlocking funding mechanisms to spend to save 

We seek to engage with staff and students and promote change as part of the Utilities Savings and Climate Action priorities. 

This is part of a larger practical action plan which includes:   

  • Data, Feedback and Incentives  
  • New Developments and Standards  
  • Technical Solutions  
  • Awareness and Engagement  
  • New Energy Solutions, New Ideas and Technologies  

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If you would like to learn more about the programme, or if you'd like us to speak to your department, please get in touch. 


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