Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Awards for staff

Depending on where your team is based and who is involved, you'll be working towards an Office and / or Lab Award.

Sustainability Awards staff

Each category comes with its own specially designed toolkit containing practical actions listed as criteria within a number of social responsibility and sustainability-related themes. 

Sustainability Awards online platform

Office Awards

The Office Awards are open to teams of any scale – from a single office to an entire department, building or school. It is up to individual teams to decide at what scale to participate. The criteria were initially designed for office-based spaces, but they are flexible and can be adapted to fit most areas of the University. Current participants include an art studio and the University gym!

New teams can work towards bronze or silver level in their first year.

Office Awards participants are part of a community of over 200 staff and students who are making a difference at the University and beyond. Every year, teams make a significant impact by finding new ways to conserve resources, save energy, fundraise for good causes and build links with the local community.


For more information about the Office Awards, please contact Alexis Heeren.

Alexis Heeren

Projects Coordinator

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  • Alexis became interested in engagement after facilitating a course to help University members cut their carbon footprints. Alexis leads our Office Awards programme and coordinates the department's sustainable food activities.

Lab Awards

The Lab Awards are designed for lab-based staff. The Lab Award Toolkit can be applied at any scale, from a single lab up to an entire building or research centre. It is up to each team to decide how large of an area to enter in the Lab Awards, and teams can enter at Bronze, Silver or Gold level.


For more information about the Lab Awards, please contact Andrew Arnott.

Andrew Arnott

SRS Projects Coordinator (Labs)

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  • Andrew graduated from University of Aberdeen in 2006 and spent 18 months working in an environmental management role. Moving to Edinburgh at the end of 2007 he took up a role providing energy efficiency and renewable energy advice to businesses on behalf of the Energy Saving Trust. In 2010 he spent 9 months volunteering in Malawi, setting up environmental projects. Returning to the UK in 2011 he took a role in a consultancy firm providing energy efficiency, renewable energy and resource efficiency advice to public and private sector clients.

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