Strategy 2030

Our University in 2030

By 2030 we will be able to demonstrate the success of our strategy in the following ways:

The undergraduate curriculum will support breadth and choice, preparing students, graduates and alumni to make a difference in whatever they do, wherever they do it.
We will be leading Scotland’s commitment to widening participation.
Researcher and subject talk whilst using the Alter-G Anti-Gravity treadmill
A lecturer and student review the virtual cadaver
We will see our research having a greater impact as a result of partnership, international reach and investment in emergent disciplines.
Improved digital outreach will see us enabling global participation in education.
We will be a global leader in artificial intelligence and the use of data with integrity.
We will be a destination of choice, based on our clear “Edinburgh Offer”. All of our staff and students will develop here, whether they are from Leith, Lisbon, Lahore or Lilongwe.
A Civil Engineering undergraduate tutorial
Edinburgh students playing rugby
Edinburgh will become the Data Capital of Europe. We will deliver inclusive growth, provide data skills to at least 100,000 individuals, and create new companies and solutions for global challenges.
We will be on track to be a Carbon-Zero University by 2040.
We will have created opportunities for partners, friends, neighbours and supporters to co-create, engage with the world and amplify our impacts.
We will see integrated reporting of our whole organisational impact against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Our estate will be fit for purpose, sustainable and accessible. We will support learning, research and collaboration with our neighbours, businesses and partners.
We will have more user-friendly processes and efficient systems to support our work.
Multidisciplinary postgraduate education pathways will support flexible whole-life learning.
Edinburgh students playing rugby