Strategy 2030


Our students, staff, alumni and friends are our lifeblood.

A group of students sitting on a bench in a park

We will continue to welcome and bring together people from a wide range of backgrounds and experience, both close to home and across the globe.

We will encourage and take care of one another. We will provide support in times of difficulty and celebrate every success. We will build relationships that are mutually beneficial, long lasting and constructive.

We will value the contribution of every individual, regardless of whether they are students, staff, alumni or other contributors. We will support each other’s development and career progress.

We will set an example for others by conducting ourselves with integrity, transparency, honesty and clarity at all times. We will always value and protect freedom of expression, while respecting the boundaries dictated by law, decency, ethics and respect for others.

We will be open to change to best support our academic mission and ensure we have policies and procedures that are people focused, efficient and effective.

Our Service Excellence Programme will make the University an even better place to study and work. It will make it easier for students to join and study with us, make life easier for staff, and help reduce costs so we can focus investment in other important areas.

The key tenets of the project are making things simple and efficient, making all of our lives easier.

Ellie Dora, Assistant Human Resources Adviser