Gaelic at the University of Edinburgh

Section 4: Outreach and development

The University will:


Students dancing at the Edinburgh Gaelic Festival cèilidh 2019

Leugh sa Ghàidhlig

a. continue to offer Gaelic seminars and continue to promote these outwith the University to ensure that the wider community are aware of the opportunities to attend such events.

b. offer an annual programme of Gaelic musical and cultural events for the University community and the public, working in partnership where possible.

c. promote research on Gaelic through support for the department of Celtic & Scottish Studies and a regular series of research dissemination events, including the Friday Research Seminar series and the Rannsachadh na Gàidhlig conference when due to be hosted by the University.

d. promote an event at the beginning of each year where the Gaelic Officer will present information on Gaelic opportunities to students, organised by Celtic & Scottish Studies, Moray House School of Education and Sport and the Gaelic Officer.

e. support and promote its specialist archives of Gaelic materials, including the School of Scottish Studies Archives and the Carmichael-Watson Collection. Resource will be made available to increase outreach activities to promote the use of these collections.

f. update and reprint ‘Gaelic at the University’ and ‘Gaelic in Edinburgh’ promotional leaflets as appropriate throughout the life of this plan.

g. provide reward and recognition for students who submit work in Gaelic through the Blackie Celtic Prizes.

h. establish a Gaelic Writer in Residence scheme.

i. encourage and support the Students’ Association in the implementation of their Gaelic policy and in the development and implementation of their forthcoming Gaelic Language Plan.

j. maintain our close relationship and continue our partnership working with Edinburgh University Highland Society (An Comann Ceilteach).

k. cooperate with the Students’ Association and relevant University groups to run a campaign myth-busting and promoting awareness of minority language issues at the University.

l. continue to support the University Gaelic Officer to chair the committee of Seachdain na Gàidhlig (Edinburgh Gaelic Festival) and ensure its continued success.

m. work with Gaelic stakeholders in Edinburgh to investigate establishing a Gaelic hub near or at the University to support the use of Gaelic at the University and in the city.

n. continue to liaise on an ongoing basis with other organisations in Edinburgh who are implementing Gaelic language plans and to identify further opportunities for partnership working where appropriate.

o. continue to liaise on an ongoing basis and maintain our close relationships with Gaelic organisations in Edinburgh to ensure effective promotion and outreach of Gaelic activities and events and to seek opportunities for partnership working.