Gaelic at the University of Edinburgh

Section 3: Communications

The University will:

Student on laptop in library

Leugh sa Ghàidhlig

a. create a Gaelic page for high level content on the University website home page that will demonstrate equal respect for Gaelic and English.

b. make use of our internal publications and website to promote the Gaelic Language Plan and publicise Gaelic initiatives and activities.

c. ensure the Principal’s Foreword will be bilingual when publishing an Annual Review. The University’s Strategy 2030 will also be made available in Gaelic. Other ad-hoc content and publications will be published bilingually or in Gaelic as deemed appropriate by Communications and Marketing.

d. issue a minimum of four high-profile media releases bilingually per year.

e. continue to use social media to help promote and raise awareness of Gaelic throughout the University and with the wider community.

f. add Gaelic-speaking experts who are willing to speak to the media in Gaelic to the list of experts kept by Communications & Marketing.

g. develop and produce portable vinyl signage featuring bilingual content about the history and importance of Gaelic at the University.

h. draw Gaelic media commitments together into a Gaelic communications plan.