Gaelic at the University of Edinburgh


The delivery of the University’s Gaelic Language Plan will be over the period 2019-2024 and will be enabled by the University’s Gaelic Officer, with the support and oversight of the Gaelic Language Plan Working Group (GLPWG).


Musicians playing at the Edinburgh Gaelic Festival Cèilidh 2019

Leugh sa Ghàidhlig

The GLPWG is made up of representatives from both the academic and professional services sides of the University, and also includes a representative from the Edinburgh University Students’ Association.

The GLPWG will, in turn, report on the progress of delivering the Gaelic Language Plan to the Social Responsibility and Sustainability (SRS) Committee on a bi-annual basis, or as requested.

The SRS Committee is an advisory Committee of the University’s Executive, which contributes to the development of the University’s overall strategic objectives and oversees their implementation and delivery.

Ms Bria Mason

Gaelic Officer

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