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Edinburgh Award (Gaelic Outreach)

The Edinburgh Award (Gaelic Outreach) is an opportunity for students to develop their skills while working to promote Gaelic at the University and in the city. The award helps students to get the most out of these activities and to get recognition for the work that they do.

Edinburgh Award (Gaelic Outreach) Students 2016

About the Edinburgh Award

The Edinburgh Award rewards students for taking part in activities alongside their studies like volunteering and getting involved in the University community. Award activities - such as face-to-face sessions and online reflection - wrap around these activities, helping you make the most of these meaningful experiences and giving you recognition for your involvement.

Anyone successfully completing the Edinburgh Award will receive both a certificate of recognition from the University and an entry on their Higher Education Achievement Report (HEARs - an expanded record of your achievements within the University)(NB - only undergraduate students receive a HEAR).

EUSA and the University run numerous versions of the Edinburgh Award across campus.

Any student at the University of Edinburgh is eligible to participate in the award programme.

The Edinburgh Award (Gaelic Outreach) is specifically for any students undertaking activities to raise the profile of Gaelic at the University and in the city and/or to create opportunities for the use of Gaelic at the University and in the city.

Award Requirements

As part of the Award, we ask students to participate in the following activities:

  • Attend the first, second, and third sessions. Sessions will last roughly two hours, including a break.
  • Complete 50 hours of work on your Gaelic outreach activity (which includes sessions and time spent completing the assignments) between the first and third sessions in November and March, respectively.
  • Complete a range of reflective assignments on impact and skills development as well as an activity log of hours spent earning the award.
  • Provide a reference who can confirm engagement with the agreed activity.


Each student will select their own activity or activities which contribute to raising the status of Gaelic or creating opportunities for its use at the University or in the city, subject to approval. Suggested activities:

  • Working with the schools through Comann na Gàidhlig to provide extra-curricular activities for Gaelic-medium pupils (ex. running an after school club)
  • Organising activities through and/or running the Highland Society (ex. Highland Society officers, helping to run a Highland Society event)
  • Planning relevant events for students and/or the wider public & assisting with University events (ex. organising a one-off Gaelic event, organising a regular Gaelic conversation group, assisting with an event on the University's Gaelic events programme)

Other activities which contribute to the aims of the Award will be considered, but will need to be approved by the Gaelic Officer on an individual basis. If you have another idea for an Award activity, please do contact the Gaelic Officer.


The University of Edinburgh Gaelic Grants Scheme (STAG) accepts applications from individual students and student societies who wish to undertake activities to promote Gaelic at the University. Edinburgh Award participants are encouraged to apply for these funds. Further information is available at the link below.

Sign up

To sign up for the Award or for more information, contact the University's Gaelic Officer. You should come to the first session with some idea of what activities you would like to undertake as part of the Award.

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