Gaelic at the University of Edinburgh


Edinburgh is a famously beautiful and culturally rich city. Amongst all this cultural wealth, Gaelic activities and services can sometimes be difficult to find. This leaflet endeavours to bring these together in one place.

We hope that this leaflet will be used by Gaelic speakers, Gaelic learners, and visitors as a way to explore Gaelic Edinburgh and to learn more about Gaelic’s place in our city. This leaflet has been produced by the University of Edinburgh with support from Bòrd na Gàidhlig, with information about the individual groups contributed by the groups themselves. Our sincere thanks to all who have contributed, without whom this production would not be possible.


It’s in the city of Edinburgh

That I would like to be

A generous, spacious place

Pleasing in every respect

Duncan Ban MacIntyre(1724-1812) 


To obtain further copies of this leaflet or if you have any enquiries, please contact the University of Edinburgh’s Gaelic Officer. 

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