Gaelic at the University of Edinburgh

Gaelic Language & Culture Taster Sessions

As part of its commitment to increasing Gaelic awareness throughout its staff and students, the University run a number of Gaelic Language & Culture Taster sessions.

Students and staff at a Gaelic Language and Culture Taster

The sessions deal with a variety of issues regarding the language, its history and place in Scotland and in Edinburgh, and its legacy and culture.

Course content

The course will cover the following topics:

  • The Celtic languages
  • Gaelic in Scotland
  • The Gaelic Language Act and Gaelic Plans
  • Some simple Gaelic words and phrases
  • Gaelic at the University
  • Gaelic place names
  • Gaelic in Edinburgh
  • Gaelic traditions
  • How to get involved with or learn Gaelic


All dates currently open for registration can be found by searching for 'Gaelic' on the MyEd Events booking channel.


Places for the Gaelic awareness training can be reserved through the MyEd Events booking channel.

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