Gaelic at the University of Edinburgh

Common Room Consultation

The University ran a public consultation on the establishment of a Gaelic common room at the University in October 2014.

Consultation on a Gaelic common room

In the University of Edinburgh’s Gaelic Language Plan 2013-18, the University makes the following commitment:

The University, in co-operation with Gaelic groups in Edinburgh, will investigate the possibility of establishing a Gaelic common room in the George Square area to encourage Gaelic use and support Gaelic activities among staff and students. The outcome of this investigation will be documented and actioned as appropriate.

Gaelic Language Plan 2013-2018

The University is pleased to be leading on this initiative, which should provide a resource for students, staff and members of the community. The guiding principle is that it be a Gaelic-only space that will be of benefit to the University and wider community by providing a space where Gaelic is used and encouraged.

The consultation document outlined some possibilities as to what this space might be like. Submissions were welcome in Gaelic or English. Many thanks to those who submitted their thoughts.

A report on the consultation can be read below.

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