Gaelic Language Plan

Gaelic Activities

Here you can find information on the University's Gaelic activities.


A number of Gaelic themed events for staff, students and members of the public will be organised throughout the year, including classes, lectures and workshops.

Common Room Consultation

The University ran a public consultation on the establishment of a Gaelic common room at the University in October 2014.

Gaelic Officer

The University's first Gaelic Officer works to raise the profile of Gaelic at the University and to create opportunities for its use.

Edinburgh Award (Gaelic Outreach)

The Edinburgh Award (Gaelic Outreach) is an opportunity for students to develop their skills while working to promote Gaelic at the University and in the city. The award helps students to get the most out of these activities and to get recognition for the work that they do.

University of Edinburgh Gaelic Grant Scheme

These grants are available to support students at the University of Edinburgh who wish to contribute to the aims of the University’s Gaelic Language Plan 2013-18: to raise the profile of the language within the University and create practical opportunities for its use.