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Video interviews

In an ongoing feature, researchers discuss the international impact of their work.

Global breast cancer issues

Is mammography a life saving investment, a right for every women over 50, and a responsibility of the health service or is it a redundant at best, and harmful at worst?

Postive effects of bilingualism

Antonella Sorace, Professor of Developmental Linguistics, extols the benefits of speaking two languages.

War and conflict

Yvonne McEwen Honorary Fellow at the Centre for the Study of The Two World Wars, discusses why it's important to understand war and our responses to conflict.

Global banking

Dr Gavin Kretzschmar, Lecturer in Finance, talks about the global banking system and his work in Kazakhstan.

Russian language

Dr Lara Ryazanova-Clarke, Director of the Princess Dashkova Russian Centre, discusses the changing nature of the Russian language and Edinburgh's continuing links with Russia.

Palliative care in Africa

Professor Scott Murray discusses the challenges of providing end of life care in Africa.

Global development

Dr Thomas Molony, Senior Research Fellow in African Studies, and Professor James Smith, Director of the Global Development Academy, talk about the future of Africa and the University's role in promoting development in the Global South.

Genocide studies

Professor Donald Bloxham explains why it is important to study genocide in the 21st Century, and discusses his experience of working in America as a University of Edinburgh academic.

Fire safety

Jose L. Torero talks about Edinburgh’s world leading and influential Fire Safety research, taught programmes and international collaborations, and explains how the fundamental objective of Fire Safety is saving people’s lives through improved design in the built environment.

Religion and development

Dr Betsy Olson, lecturer in human geography and member of the Global Development Academy, discusses the intersection between religion and development in Latin America.