British Sign Language Plan

Terms of Reference

A summary of the purpose, remit and operation of the University's British Sign Language Plan Working Group.


To support implementation of activities in support of the University’s first British Sign Language (BSL) Plan (2018 – 2024) and so support demonstrable progress towards the vision that the University should be an environment which is accessible for individuals whose first or preferred language is BSL.  

  • The group will be deaf-led, ideally fluent in BSL, and involve members who are BSL users or have experience working with BSL users 

  • The BSL Plan has a wide range of actions so the group will invite colleagues from relevant departments to attend and update on respective action progress 

  • The group will update University Executive on its work on an annual basis  



To monitor, endorse and have oversight of activities undertaken to support the achievement of the vision in line with the provisions of the BSL (Scotland) Act 2015 and the Scottish Government BSL National Plan 2017 – 2023



  • The Group will meet every three months to review and discuss progress with achieving the goals of the strategy 

  • The group is expected to be in place for the duration of the BSL Plan (2018 – 2024)  

  • A summary of achievements / activities will be shared annually in BSL and English, provided by the BSL Officer