Annual Review 2017/18

The Students' Association Teaching Awards 2017/18

Every year the Edinburgh University Students’ Association honours staff at the University with its Teaching Awards.

Celebrating the very best of the teaching and support staff at the University, the Students’ Association Teaching Awards has become an important recognition of those who make an enormous positive impact to the student learning experience.

The Students’ Association received more than 1,600 nominations for 780 staff members and the ceremony was held in April 2018 at Teviot Row House, home to the University’s Student Union.

Student feedback on teaching and assessment can provide helpful, perceptive ideas and can ensure academics keep courses up to date, making them as relevant as possible.

The winners are shared here, accompanied by the insightful and positive comments from the students that nominated them.

Best Course

Zubin Mistry

Dr Zubin Mistry, School of History, Classics & Archaeology

“His enthusiasm for the topic and his passion for allowing us this opportunity to examine evidence in new lights from such relevant positions is extremely stimulating and challenging.”

Best Practice in Inclusive Learning and Teaching

Katherine Inglis

Dr Katherine Inglis, School of Literatures, Languages & Cultures

“Katherine represents what is truly wonderful about learning: being taught by someone who is truly energised by the materials, compassionate, and... imparts information not for the sake of later exam regurgitation but to engage her students in a meaningful dialogue with the text.”

Best Implementer of Student Feedback 

Sakie Chiba-Mooney

MS Sakie Chiba-Mooney, School of Literatures, Languages & Cultures

“Not only did she take our feedback into consideration but she also completely reconstructed our class and handouts... so that the very next lesson after discussing the feedback we would be able to have a lesson more tailored to our needs.”

Best Personal Tutor

Jamie Cole

Dr Jamie Cole, School of Physics & Astronomy

“Throughout my university work, Jamie has consistently had belief in my abilities, even when I have doubted them myself. At times when I have failed exams and felt stupid, he has always focused on the strengths that I have demonstrated and I have left feeling far more positive.”

Best Research or Dissertation Supervisor

Robert Mason

Professor Robert Mason, School of History, Classics & Archaeology

“Robert is a perfectionist, and he invests himself in my work –offering feedback to make sure my argument’s as sharp as it could be. However, when the work’s good, he also recognises that. He’s not of the kind that offers feedback for the sake of it.”

Best Teaching in Veterinary Medicine

Alessandro Seguino

Mr Alessandro Seguino, The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

“I have never been taught by a lecturer that so obviously has their students’ learning as their upmost priority, and this shines through with his fantastic teaching style, resulting in extremely effective, high-quality and enjoyable teaching.”

Van Heyningen Award for Best Teaching in Science and Engineering

Richard Gratwick

Dr Richard Gratwick, School of Mathematics

“If someone would have told me in week one that I would give a five-minute presentation in week 10 to a group of other students and two tutors, I would not have believed them. But I did and the confidence to get up and do that was mainly down to Richard and the way he organised his skills section of the course.”

Ian Campbell Award for Best Teaching in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Sean Brocklebank

Dr Sean Brocklebank, School of Economics

“The best lecturer I’ve had. He engages everyone in the room by breaking down complex theories and ideas. He makes the lecture slides entertaining and funny.”

Kendell Award for Best Teaching in Medicine 

Dr Kim Picozzi, Edinburgh Medical School

“She is fantastic at organising intellectually stimulating courses and her lecture style is fun and engaging. Her lectures are by far the best I have received at the University and I always actively looked forward to her lectures as a highlight of my working week.”

Best Assessment Feedback

Eleoma Bodammer

Dr Eleoma Bodammer, School of Literatures, Languages & Cultures

“Normally, I find essay feedback an incredibly mixed bag, but Eleoma’s feedback on essays is direct and to the point, but is never overly critical to the point where you feel beaten down by what you’re reading.”

Best Student Who Tutors

Alex Gapub

Mr Alex Gapud, School of Social & Political Science

“The most passionate, supportive and thorough tutor I have ever had. He ensures every student is aiming for their best, and inspires through being an exceptional role model.”

Best Support Staff

Sue Renton

Ms Sue Renton, School of Social & Political Science

“As a student who has struggled a bit at university, Sue has always been there to support me. She always asks how I am doing or if there is anything she needs to do for me. This person is absolutely one of a kind and she really deserves an award.”