Annual Review 2010/11

News in brief

A round-up of some of the University's developments and discoveries during the 2010/11 academic year.

Clinic puts patients at heart of MS research

A research clinic for multiple sclerosis patients is being set up with a £10 million donation from author J K Rowling.

Project to create smooth-talking gadgets

Voice-activated devices that can interact with people naturally may soon be available, thanks to University research.

Executive rewards put banks at greater risk

New University research has linked the risks taken by banks with the compensation received by their executives.

Device delivers new way to treat cancer

Chemotherapy that has much-reduced side-effects could be a step closer, thanks to a development by University scientists.

DNA study puts family history to the test

Scientists have developed a genetic test that reveals how diverse a person’s ancestors were.

The global family of Scots

The Scottish Government is funding new research to understand the migration of Scots from their homeland.

Protein presence could help diagnose cancer

Cancers of the gut, stomach and pancreas could be detected much sooner with a simple urine test, research suggests.

Frozen fjords found under Antarctic ice

Scientists have uncovered a landscape of deep fjords in Antarctica, carved by millions of years of ice movement.

Language learning influenced by genes

Scientists have made a key genetic discovery that could help explain how people learn language.

Protein sheds insight into vCJD

A protein linked to the immune system could play a key role in helping scientists understand how vCJD spreads throughout the body.

Scholarship goes digital

New technology is changing the way staff and students research, learn and teach at the University.

Diesel particles pose heart risks

Tiny chemical particles emitted by diesel exhaust fumes could raise the risk of heart attacks, research has shown.