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University Website Programme

Site building and development

If you need a new website for your Programme, research area or support unit, you have a number of different options.

Polopoly sites

The central University publishing framework uses the Polopoly content management system. It is open to most areas of the institution, and used by the majority of schools and units.

If you have decided to use Polopoly, we can work with you to create a sustainable website that saves you time and money, and provide free continued support in managing it. Our team of experts can plan, edit and build the site for you, or guide you to create it yourself.

Our site building process

Building your own site

Alternatives to Polopoly

If the web publishing framework outlined does not meet your specific needs, there are other units in the University who may be able to help you.

Site building services

Remember that we provide training and support opportunities to all web editors, regardless of what technology you use to build your site.

Training for all web editors