University Website Programme

Site building and development

If you need a new website for your programme, research area or support unit, you have a number of different options including the centrally managed content management system (CMS).

Polopoly sites

The Polopoly CMS currently used by the central University website publishing framework and including the majority of schools and units, is being replaced by the University’s new CMS, EdWeb, and will be decommissioned at the end of 2015. UWP provides support to users of the Polopoly system, from guidance to site owners to a full site development and build service. As EdWeb replaces Polopoly UWP will provide the same support service for the EdWeb CMS.

Site building service

The project to move websites from the existing Polopoly CMS to EdWeb, means that we are not currently offering our site building service. The migration of Polopoly sites to EdWeb is a major project and is our main focus for 2015. When the project is at a later stage we will resume the site building service within the new EdWeb system. 

The aim of the site building service offered by our team of website strategy and editorial experts is to work closely with you to help create a sustainable site that meets your needs and those of your site visitors.

Find out more about the EdWeb CMS

Find out more about the Polopoly CMS

Alternatives to the central service

If the central web publishing framework does not meet your specific needs, there are other units in the University who may be able to help you.

  • If your unit is part of the College of Humanities and Social Science, you can get in touch with the College Web Team.

HSS Web Team

  • IS Multimedia work with units across the University to develop sites.

IS Multimedia Team

  • EdWeb distribution [link to distribution page]– For those wanting the benefits of EdWeb’s Drupal-based CMS but with more flexibility than the centrally managed service, provided you have the required technical expertise, the EdWeb distribution may be the right solution for you.

Web editor training

Remember that we provide training and support opportunities to all web editors, regardless of the technology you use to build your site.

Training for all web editors