University Website Programme

Polopoly CMS

As we transition from Polopoly to the University's new content management system (CMS) EdWeb, we will continue to offer Polopoly users free training and support in its use.

Decommissioning the Polopoly CMS

As we complete the migration project from Polopoly to EdWeb, learn more about how to archive key content to prepare for the decommissioning of the Polopoly content management system.

Polopoly training

You can still access Polopoly training while we work on the move from Polopoly to the University’s new content management system (CMS), EdWeb.

Getting access to Polopoly

To gain access to Polopoly, you need to attend both the Regular Polopoly system training and our editorial session, Writing for the Web.

Support using Polopoly

We continue to provide free training and support to Polopoly users during the transition to the new EdWeb content management system.