University Website Programme

Polopoly CMS

Polopoly is the University's current content management system (CMS). We offer free training and support in its use.

Getting access to Polopoly

To gain access to Polopoly, you need to attend both the Regular Polopoly system training and our editorial session, Writing for the Web.

Support using Polopoly

If you are already a Polopoly user, we continue to offer free training and support.

Light training

If someone in your unit needs to make small infrequent changes, our light training course may be the best option.

Advanced training

If you are managing a site or using Polopoly on a frequent basis, you should also attend Advanced (Site Manager) training.

Why use Polopoly?

Choosing to use Polopoly is not just about choosing a technical tool to deliver your website. You will be joining a coherent, consistent framework and as such certain aspects of your site will work in a specific way.