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About the parking permits staff can apply for to park at Little France.

Little France Parking - Session 2016/17

**Please read the information below in full, so that you are fully aware of the changes to Little France parking permits in the new session**

Applications for Little France parking permits for session 2016-2017 are now being invited.  The new session will commence on Monday 5th September 2016 and permits will be valid until Sunday 3rd September 2017. 

Applications must be made between Thursday 21st July and Sunday 14th August 2016 to be considered for session 2016-2017. Please ensure applications provide full and complete information..

A full time annual permit for Little France costs £250. A pro rata rate is applied if you work part-time and an individual application specifically for part-time staff is available this year.

All current permit holders should have already received our communication advising that due to extreme pressures on Central Area car parks, Little France parking permits will no longer provide automatic access to the Central Area car parks (for a copy of this please send a request via email to 

If you wish to be considered as a Central Area user in addition to Little France a further, very short application form, in addition to your normal Little France Application will require to be submitted in order to register your interest in obtaining access.  Those who meet the criteria threshold number of points already set for current Central Area permit holders this year will be able to make use of Central parking areas in the new session.  This permit type will be issued free of charge to those who qualify. 


Permit Application Process:

  • If you wish to apply for a Full-Time Little France Permit please select the option for “16/17 Little France Full-Time”
  • If you wish to apply for a Part-Time Little France Permit please select the option for “16/17 Little France Part-Time”
  • If you are registered disabled please select the option for “16/17 Little France Disabled”
  • If you have a business need to park in the Central Area and wish to apply for a permit for access, please submit a further application for a “16/17 Little France Z Central" parking permit.

Please click on the link below for step-by-step instructions on how to apply:

  • Applications must be made between Thursday 21st July and Sunday 14th August 2016 to be considered for session 2016-2017.
  • No Applications will be accepted between Monday 15th and Friday 19th August.  This is in order for the review of applications to take place.
  • Any applications submitted after 14th August will not be processed in time for the start of the new parking session.
  • Successful Applicant's permits will be sent to their departmental address prior to the new session commencing on Monday 5th September 2016.

If you are considering applying for a permit we would urge you to consider carefully if you have a real need to bring your vehicle on site.  Little France is extremely well served by public transport, including a very frequent service to Sheriffhall Park and Ride a few minutes south of the site. A City Car Club vehicle is based in the QMRI car park. This provides convenient access to a short-term, self-service car hire service – ideal if you need a car during the working day, but can travel to work by bus, cycle or on foot. We have also recently launched eCycle – an electric bike pool scheme for staff to use for business travel around the city. There are two eCycles based at Little France and more information is available here:  

To make it easier for staff to use the bus at work, departments can order prepaid Lothian Bus tickets:

Please see the attached link which provides detailed information on the range of travel options available to access Little France:       


There is one type of permit available. The Little France permit may also be used in the Peripheral Area and Easter Bush Car Parks.

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Staff Little France A – Essential User Permit

This is an annual permit for members of staff for whom it is essential to use their vehicle. Part time staff are charged a pro-rata rate.

Permit type Full annual charge Direct Debit
Staff Little France A £250 10 monthly instalments (From start of permit year)

Using the permit

The permit must be clearly displayed on the windscreen of the parked vehicle in use. Vehicles not displaying a valid permit risk being issued with a Parking Charge Notice.


Refunds can be issued by the Parking Office Little France permits that are no longer required.

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