Deferred entry and gap year students

We are happy to consider applications from students who wish to take a year out of study before starting university.

However, please note that in many subject areas, deferred entry applications can be highly competitive.

Please contact the relevant College admissions team before submitting an application to check whether they will consider a deferred entry application for your chosen degree programme.

How to apply

There are two ways to apply if you plan to take a gap year:

  • apply for deferred entry in your final year at school or college
  • make an application for immediate entry during your year out

Applications for deferred entry are considered for almost all of our degree programmes.

However, competition for places is extremely high and applicants applying during their gap year, with qualifications achieved, will often be in a stronger position than those applying for deferred entry with predicted grades.

Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

Applicants to Veterinary Medicine, and applicants for full-fee overseas Medicine places, who wish to take a gap year, will not be considered for deferred entry, and should apply during their year out.

SQA applicants to Medicine who wish to take a gap year are strongly encouraged to do so after completing S6.

UCAS personal statement

You should include in your UCAS personal statement details of how you intend to spend, or have spent, your gap year.

This is particularly important for subjects such as Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, where a year out provides an opportunity to extend your education and prepare you for your degree studies.

To best prepare for mathematics or language degrees, we recommend that you use your gap year to undertake work that will maintain your mathematics or language skills.

Further advice

Further information about deferred entry and other study routes is available from the College admissions teams.

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