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Credit Study FAQs

Got a question about studying for credit? You may find the answer here!

I don’t have computer access at home, how can I matriculate?

We’re here to help! We are running open sessions at Paterson’s Land to help you with this process. Please see the link below for times and dates.

What are the benefits to Studying for Credit?

You will gain invaluable experience from our excellent tutors in each subject area, improving your academic performance through critical feedback.

I want to go on to further study, how will the courses at COL help prepare me?

The Credit courses at COL through the teaching and support from our tutors, will assist you in taking the next steps to continuing your education.

I’ve studied at COL before, does this mean that I still have to matriculate?

Yes, but you’re nearly there! We can send you guidelines on how to complete this process.

I’d like to find out about any help with available funding?

I’d like some more information

Please contact us by email on or by telephone on 0131 650 4400.