Accepting the offer

Make sure you read your offer carefully and follow the instructions on how to accept.

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You will be able to accept your offer through your online University account

Your offer will set out the date by which we would like you to respond. You will then receive a confirmation that we have received your acceptance. At the time of accepting an offer you are not commiting yourself financially or academically to the university, but an early indication of your response does help us to manage the admissions process.

If you receive a conditional offer, you must also ensure that you provide any required documents, as outlined in your offer, as soon as possible as we will need these before we can make you an unconditional offer. Please note that you do not have to wait to obtain all these documents before accepting a conditional offer.

You can do this through your online University account.

These documents may include English language test results, official degree transcripts, signed forms, or other material.

It is essential that you provide these documents as soon as possible as we cannot confirm your place or provide you with any further formal information until we have received all of the required documentation.

If you have received and accepted an unconditional offer of admission you will subsequently receive information on joining instructions.

Please note that competition for places is strong and many programmes operate a waiting list system.

Please therefore reply as early as possible but definitely before the date for response set out in your offer, otherwise you may be deemed to have withdrawn your interest in the programme.

Waiting lists

Some offers may be accompanied by notification that the offer is subject to a waiting list.

This means that the programme you have applied for is full, but your name has been placed on a list of candidates for consideration if another candidate declines their offer and a place therefore becomes available.

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