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We offer online learning programmes across a broad range of subject areas, and a number of credit-bearing qualifications.

Online learning final degree certificate doesn't state the mode of delivery, same way as on campus degree certificates.

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Awards and study time

A full masters programme delivered online normally takes about three years. You should expect to work between 10-15 hours a week, with more time needed when assignments are due.

Our online learning programmes offer flexible exit routes, allowing you to shape your academic journey to suit your needs.

For example, if you enrol on a masters programme but decide not to complete the full three years, your completed credits can contribute towards an alternative postgraduate qualification.

Depending on your programme and on the number of credits completed, you may be able to gain the following awards:

  • Postgraduate Professional Development (PgProfDev) after one years' study
  • Postgraduate Certificate (PG Cert) after one years' study
  • Postgraduate Diploma (PG Dip) after two years' study
  • Masters degree (such as MSc, LLM) after three years' study

Our online programmes involve the same level of work overall as our on-campus programmes, and the qualification you get is of equal value.

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