Ecuador - Entry requirements

Entry to undergraduate study

Students who have completed thirteen years of education at the end of secondary school would normally be considered for direct entry to degree study.

Students from Ecuador are admitted to the University of Edinburgh with a range of qualifications: GCE A Levels, the IB, the American High School Diploma with SAT’s or AP’s and other recognised regional systems.

Students with the Bachillerato would normally be expected to undertake a Foundation or bridging programme before being eligible for admission to an undergraduate study at Edinburgh.

Entry to postgraduate study

Students must have the equivalent of a very good UK Bachelor degree (from a good institution) in order to be considered for direct admission to postgraduate study at the University of Edinburgh.

In order to apply for a Masters degree at the University of Edinburgh students are expected to have completed at least 4 years of study and obtained a Licenciado title.

Students are normally expected to have achieved minimum grade of 7.5+ or 75%+ (depending on the grading scale).

Applicants with Masters degree (Maestria) will be considered for entry to PhD studies

Further guidance on entry requirements

Each course may have further specific entry requirements. All applicants must meet these requirements.

You can also obtain further guidance on admissions requirements from staff in the Admissions Offices.

Numbers of Ecuadorian students

There are a small number of students from Ecuador currently studying at the University of Edinburgh.

Immigration advice for Ecuadorian students

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