Scholarships and Student Funding

Scholarships and Student Funding

Students from Wales

Government funding for students from Wales.

Tuition fee loans

Wales domiciled students will normally be eligible for a grant from the Welsh Government of £5,315 which will not be means tested and which does not need to be paid back. The remaining £3,810 of their fees can be covered by taking out a tuition fee loan, which they only start to pay back when they are earning over £21,000 a year.

Living cost grants and loans

Welsh Government Learning Grants of up to £5,161 a year will be available for students from households with an income of under £18,370.

For students living away from home the maximum maintenance loan based on household income is £5,376 and not based on household income is £4,032.

Further information about grants and loans for students who live in Wales can be found on the Student Finance Wales website:

University of Edinburgh financial support

The University of Edinburgh Bursary

The University will offer a generous bursary scheme to domiciled students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The University will use the residual household income figure calculated by the Student Loans Company (SLC) when assessing your bursary entitlement.

As students from Wales receive a Government grant of £5,190 towards tuition fees, bursaries they are awarded by the University will be capped at £3,810.

You are guaranteed to receive up to the following level of bursary for each year of your degree programme if you are successful in taking up your offer of admission.

You will be able to use your bursary to either contribute towards your tuition fee costs or towards your general living costs while at Edinburgh.

For students entering in 2015
Residual household income University of Edinburgh Bursary Total value of University of Edinburgh Bursary for a 4-year degree

up to £16,000

£16,001 - £20,000





£20,001 - £25,000 £3,810 £15,240
£25,001 - £30,000 £2,000 £8,000
£30,001 - £35,000 £1,500 £6,000
£35,001 - £42,600 £500 £2,000

Access Bursaries

A number of Access Bursaries will be available for 2015-2016 to help new undergraduate UK students who are experiencing financial difficulties in taking up their place of admission at the University of Edinburgh. An Access Bursary provides at least £1,000 per year of study.

Whether you are in your last year at school, or are returning to education and thinking about applying to the University of Edinburgh to study for an undergraduate degree, you should consider applying for a bursary.

Unite Foundation Student Awards

A number of Unite Foundation Student Awards (open to students who usually live in England, Wales and Northern Ireland) will be offered to students commencing an undergraduate degree at the University of Edinburgh in the 2015-2016 academic session.

Each bursary will cover the full accommodation costs while staying at Portsburgh Court in Edinburgh for the length of their period of study (maximum of four years), as well as provide an annual maintenance allowance of £3,000 per year for a maximum of four years.