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China Scholarships Council/University of Edinburgh Scholarships

Scholarships will be available for PhD study to candidates who are citizens and permanent residents of the People's Republic of China at the time of applying for entry for the academic year 2016-2017.

Candidates should have satisfied all English language requirements and have received an offer of admission from the University of Edinburgh to study on a full-time PhD degree programme by the time the University puts forward their list of endorsed applications (Friday 26 February 2016).

The scholarships are available for study in the following areas of study:

  • Communication and Information Technology
  • Agriculture
  • Life Sciences and Public Health
  • Materials Science and New Materials
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Engineering
  • Applied Social Science and WTO-related areas
  • Business School
  • Mathematics

While the above academic areas are the priority areas as specified by the Chinese Ministry, applicants to other research areas will also be considered.

For successful applicants, the applicable College/School will provide scholarships to cover tuition fees and additional programme costs, and CSC will consider their application for a living allowance as prescribed from time to time by the Chinese Government (which includes Student Health cover), a return airfare from China to the UK by the most economical route, and visa application fees.


The scholarships will be awarded to citizens and permanent residents of the People's Republic of China at the time of application who are accepted for admission on a full-time basis for a postgraduate PhD degree programme at the University of Edinburgh.

Candidates should not be currently working outside China at the time of application, and successful candidates must agree to return to China upon completion of their research degree at the University of Edinburgh. Candidates currently studying outside China are eligible to apply, but not those who have already commenced a PhD programme of study prior to the 2016-2017 academic year.

Candidates should satisfy the selection criteria set out by CSC by completing the CSC Application Form and the CSC Employer Reference Form which can be found on the CSC website.


The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic merit with candidates requiring the equivalent of a first-class honours degree from a Chinese university.


Applicants should apply online for PhD admission to the University of Edinburgh by Friday 29 January 2016, and should complete a China Scholarship Council/University of Edinburgh Joint Scholarship application form which should be submitted to the relevant College/School, also by Friday 29 January 2016.

College/School contact details can be found below.

In addition to applying to the University for admission, candidates should also complete the China Scholarship Council (CSC)application form and Employer Reference and submit to the CSC. Application forms are available online between 20 March 2016 and 5 April 2016 on the CSC website. There will only be one round of scholarship applications this year so you must apply to the CSC between 20 March and 5 April if you wish to be considered.

Applicants should submit the following to the CSC as soon as the online CSC application form becomes available on 20 March 2016 (The CSC will however accept applications up to 5 April 2016):

  • hard copy of the signed CSC Application Form
  • completed CSC Employer Reference Form
  • a copy of the full postgraduate application form for PhD admission at the University of Edinburgh
  • a copy of all supporting documentation submitted with your PhD application

College contacts

College of Humanities & Social Science

Postgraduate Office


55-60 George Square

Post Code

Morag Sawkins

  • College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

College of Science & Engineering

CSC applicants from the College of Science and Engineering are asked to send their completed CSC Application to the relevant School where they intend to undertake their PhD:

Selection Procedure

College staff will submit to the Director of Scholarships and Student Funding by Friday 26 February 2016:

  • a list of ranked candidates of applicants who have been offered a place of admission at the University which will include the student's name and subject area (All endorsed applications where a candidate has been offered a conditional offer of admission should have satisfied all English language requirements.)
  • a copy of the postgraduate offer of admission letter
  • a copy of the Award letter detailing the value of the University Scholarship

Robert Lawrie will submit all the applications on behalf of the University, together with a copy of all Award letters which will detail the value of the University Scholarship which each scholar will receive, to the CSC in mid March 2016.

Note to University Staff

College/School staff will be required to prepare a Scholarship Award letter for each student whom Colleges/Schools endorse to the CSC. The CSC wish to receive the original Award Letter and this should be sent to Robert Lawrie as requested above. Students should not receive a copy of their Award letter at this time. If a student is successful in obtaining a CSC scholarship then the CSC will pass the Award letter to the student to inform them that they have also received the University scholarship.

Final Selection

The CSC will evaluate the list of applicants submitted by the University and will provide a shortlist of potential scholarship recipients to Robert Lawrie by the end of April/early May 2016. Robert with liaise with the College offices and agreement will be reached as quickly as possible between the University and the CSC on who should receive the scholarships for the 2016-2017 academic session.


29th January Deadline for receipt of application by candidates to College/Schools
26th February Receipt of College nominations and associated paperwork to Scholarships and Student Funding Services
29th April Shortlist of potential CSC recipients to the University from CSC
May 2015 Agreement between the University and CSC on successful scholars

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