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Justin Arbuthnott British Irish Fund

This Scholarship is worth up to £3,500, with one or more awards being available.


This Scholarship aims to promote the better understanding of Ireland and various complex relationships which link Ireland and the UK by facilitating study by postgraduate students of the University of Edinburgh.

It is named for Justin Arbuthnott, who was drowned along with three friends one night in July 1989 when their boat capsized off the coast near County Donegal in Ireland.

All four were in their early 20's and were students at the University of Edinburgh where they had first met and become close friends.


The closing date for applications is 2nd May 2017.

Applicants are asked to email a letter (one page A4) to Scholarships and Student Funding Services stating how their area of study will meet the above terms of this Fund.

Applicants should also explain why they think they are a particularly suitable candidate for a scholarship together with details of any other funding which they have received for their period of study.

Scholarships and Financial Support Team


All applicants will be notified of the outcome by the end of June 2017.