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Rajiv Gandhi Travelling Scholarships to India

In collaboration with the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust, the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation proposes to offer a number of travelling scholarships for students at certain universities in the UK (Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh, Hull and the London School of Economics) who intend to visit India in the Long Vacation 2012, preferably as part of their undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme.

Long Vacation 2012

The Rajiv Gandhi Travelling Scholarships will include up to one week's initial accommodation free of cost in New Delhi (arranged by the Foundation), a Rupee allowance towards expenses in India, a contribution toward rail travel in India, together with a contribution of £300 towards travel to and from India.

Preference will be given to candidates intending to visit India for not more than ten weeks. The Rajiv Gandhi Travelling Scholars will be expected to submit a brief report on their visit to India.

Extracts from reports from last year's scholars can be seen at the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation's web-site on its Bulletin Board (link below). The Foundation can help provide links to libraries, research institutes, social welfare organisations etc. for scholars if they write to:


The application deadline for this award has now passed. We can accept no further appliations at this time.

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