Student Disability Service


Details of the remit of the Student Disability Committee as well as links to information on the Committee's membership and meeting minutes.

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  • To promote the right to a barrier free and inclusive environment within the University
  • To consider, recommend and monitor policy, procedures and issues in relation to disability in the University context
  • To be aware of relevant legislation and the implications for the University
  • To provide a forum for discussion and representation
  • To receive reports from the Director of the Student Disability Service (SDS) and from the Committee's sub groups
  • To support the Director's work and that of other members of the Student Disability Service
  • To report annually through the Director of SDS and Convenor of the Committee to the Senatus Quality Assurance Committee (SQAC) and any other relevant committees as and when required.

NB: Although the Committee has no direct remit for disabled staff issues, it is acknowledged that often disabled student issues will impact on staff and overlap with staff issues. Therefore the Committee will refer issues purely related to staff in general and disabled staff to the relevant parties and/or the Equality & Diversity Committee.