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An overview of the Student Disability Committee and its Sub Groups.

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The Student Disability Committee is a forum for discussion and representation, and consists of a range of staff and students from across the University. It works closely with the Student Disability Service on matters of policy and in developing an agenda for action.

The Committee meets quarterly and reports annually to the Senatus Quality Assurance Committee (SQAC) and onwards to Court. It has four active sub groups, which take forward specific areas for action. These have been effective in improving provision for disabled students. The sub groups are:

Access & Facilities

Mental Health

Technology, Information & Communication

Student Disability Committee

We are keen to encourage new members to join the committee and/or its sub groups, and would especially welcome more student members. The remit and membership show the composition of the Committee. If you are interested in joining, or would like to find out more about the committee and its activities, please get in touch with the relevant convenor or secretary.