Student Counselling

App-solute wellbeing - apps + web-based programmes

There are many Apps available to help cope with (e.g.) anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress. They can be downloaded to your PC or device free or at low cost.

SAM: self help for anxiety management

Designed particularly with students in mind, SAM is a self-help app to support those who are serious about learning to manage their anxiety. Offering a highly individualised approach, SAM’s ultimate goal is for users to personalise a toolkit of strategies to help them manage their anxiety. Users also have the option of connecting into the larger social network of SAM users, enabling them to share experience and tips in the ‘social cloud’. Users are strongly encouraged to review the guidelines first in order to get the most out of SAM.

Clinical Issue(s): anxiety and stress management

Interface: download from iTunes App store or Google Play App store

Price: free

Five ways to wellbeing

Based on a substantial amount of global research, FWtW encourages the user to improve their overall well-being and mental health through interventions of connection, taking notice, being active, learning and giving. It offers simple, yet practical ways, to help the user feel good and function well day-to-day.

Clinical issues(s): overall mental health and well being

Interface: download from iTunes or Google Play App stores

Price: free

Panic Attack Aid & Panic Attack Aid ‘Lite’

Designed to bring calming relief to panic attack and anxiety sufferers. Three primary interventions: interactive guided breathing exercise, reassurance, and distractions characterise this easy-to-use application that one can access as soon as a sense of panic or anxiety begins to build. The ‘Lite’ version is free to download offering users over 30 different distractions to help manage the overwhelming feelings of panic and anxiety when it strikes.

Clinical issue(s): panic attacks, high anxiety

Interface: download from iTunes or Google Play App stores

Price: paid/'Lite' version - free

Moodkit – Mood Improvement Tools

“Improve your mood and become your own expert with the wisdom and guidance that Moodkit offers.” Based on principles of CBT and Positive Psychology, Moodkit offers over 200 mood improvement activities to help: increase the user’s productivity and sense of accomplishment, enhance their relationships, increase sense of pleasure, fun and enjoyment, boost physical activity, and support the development of well-being/self-care habits.

Clinical issue(s): stress management, depression, anxiety, productivity, overall well-being

Interface: download from iTunes App store

Price: paid


Measure, Track and Share! A web-based program where users are encouraged daily to reflect on, assess, track their moods and share their scores with a trusted friend. Moods are assessed through an interactive card game and scored by a psychologically validated system. Users are strongly encouraged to write comments on their mood to support the goal of identifying triggers and feel-good behaviours. Scores can be shared with the user’s identified friends, offering the option of a buddy-system to support the users overall well-being.

Clinical issue(s): low mood, mood management

Interface: website available online

Price: free

Mindshift - coping with anxiety

Mindshift will encourage the user to really think about his/her anxiety and face it head-on! Designed for teens and young adults, Mindshift supports the user in learning how to relax, developing helpful ways of thinking and identify active steps to take charge of their anxiety through a highly individualised, personal plan. The app includes strategies to help cope and manage everyday anxiety, as well as specific tools to tackle test anxiety, perfectionism, social anxiety, performance anxiety, worry, panic and conflict.

Clinical issue(s): anxiety (various types, including: perfectionism, test anxiety, worry, conflict)

Interface: download from iTunes and Google Play App stores

Price: free

Buddhify (classic version) and Buddhify2 – Urban Mindfulness and Meditation

An on-the-go app designed for those leading busy lifestyles and managing multiple demands and pressures. Buddhify offers numerous, short, guided meditations to connect body and mind and loosen the hold of occupying or unhelpful thoughts. Meditations are individualized based on how the user identifies feeling, where they are (gym, walking to class, working, travelling) or what they are doing (trying to sleep, eating, waking up).

Clinical issue(s): mindfulness and meditation, stress management, relaxation, anxiety, difficulties turning off, overall well-being

Interface: download from iTunes and Google Play (Android - classic version only) App stores

Price: paid

Relax with Andrew Johnson ‘Lite’ & Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

Simple, straightforward, no-frills app featuring a warm, gentle, male voice guiding users through a Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) session. The ‘Lite’ version guides the user into a state of relaxation, and the “Deep Sleep” version will guide the user deeply into sleep. (Male voice, Scottish accent).

Clinical issue(s): insomnia, sleep difficulties, relaxation

Interface: download from iTunes and Google Play App stores

Price: Relax 'Lite' - free/Deep Sleep - paid

isleep Easy: Meditations for Restful Sleep

Calm, female voice offers users a variety of guided meditations to help relax and fall asleep. App features separately controlled music and nature tracks, allowing users the option to play meditations alone or with background sound. Also offers breathing exercises, relaxation tips and a special ‘wee hours’ rescue track. (Female voice, American accent).

Clinical issue{s}: insomnia, sleep difficulties, relaxation

Interface: download from iTunes and Google Play App stores

Price: free

Stop breathe & think meditation tailored to you

Interface: download from iTunes and Google Play App stores

Pacifica: Anxiety, stress and depression relief

Interface: download from iTunes and Google Play App stores

Price: free