Student Administration

Academic Statements

Graduates: official record of degree

Your academic statement will confirm the title of your degree, year of graduation and class of Honours (if applicable).

A statement cannot be issued in advance of a degree being awarded at a graduation ceremony.

Please note that academic statements can only be requested by the graduate and not by a third party.

Electronic Document Service

Graduates (2012 onwards) can view and send their Academic Statement electronically via the Electronic Document Service.

Hard copies

Academic Statements required in hard copy can also be requested via the form below:

Emailed scanned copies (pre 2012 graduates)

If you require your Academic Statement to be sent to a prospective employer, or to another academic institution as a .pdf, order a copy and provide the email address of the recipient on your order. The email address provided must be an institutional or business email address. Please check with the recipient that they are willing to accept this before ordering.