Student Administration

Overseas Resit Examination Service

Information regarding sitting resit exams overseas for August 2017, will appear in due course.

What does the service offer?

  • Written examinations sat during the August diet (resits and/or first sits) can be sat out with the UK. The service is not available for first sits during semester time.
  • The service makes arrangements with the British Council for the exam(s) to be sat simultaneously with the exam(s) held in Edinburgh. The exam(s) is held at a relevant British Council Office and invigilated by British Council staff. The exam paper is securely delivered to the British Council and the completed script is couriered back to Edinburgh.
  • Visiting students can sit August exams and resits held in Semester 2 (if they are Semester 1 only visiting students) at their home institution (with the home University’s agreement).

Exams not permitted to sit overseas

The resit exams from the Schools listed below are not permitted to be sat overseas. Students taking exams from these Schools must sit resits in Edinburgh:

  • School of Economics
  • MBChB programmes
  • Business School
  • School of Law
  • BVMS - Not all BVM&S exams can be taken abroad.  Please discuss your requirements with the course organiser or year administrator before making an application
    • BVMS08038 - The Animal Body (1) - unable to offer this exam overseas
  • Informatics programming exams which we are unable to offer overseas:
    • INFR08013 -  Informatics 1 - Functional Programming
    • INFR08014 -  Informatics 1 - Object-Oriented Programming
    • INFR08022 - Computer Programming Skills and Concepts
    • INFR09031 - Logic Programming
    • INFR11114  - Types and Semantics for Programming Languages

Important information to consider before applying for this service

  • The service is offered upon agreement from the relevant School.
  • It is also dependant upon the time differences not being prohibitive to these arrangements.
  • All arrangements must be made via this service.
  • If satisfactory arrangements cannot be made then the student is required to attend the exam in Edinburgh
  • If a student has specific exam concessions (as per a Learning Profile) where possible these will be met but cannot be guaranteed as this is dependant upon arrangements with the relevant British Council Office.
  • If you have more than one exam and one school does not permit you to sit their resit overseas, you will be required to return to Edinburgh
  • Practical exams are not permitted to be sat overseas e.g. Informatics and Veterinary Studies practical exams.
  • If your host centre is in a country which has public holidays or religious festivals during the exam diet, you will not be able to apply for this service and will be required to return to Edinburgh.
  • British Councils should not be contacted directly.

Who can use the service?

  • International students and students whose home address is not in the UK.
  • Visiting Undergraduate Students.
  • UK national students who are outside the UK for either reasons directly related to their studies.

Who cannot use this service?

  • Students overseas for any other purpose e.g. holidays, work, voluntary work, internships, travelling etc are not eligible to use this service.
  • Students whose home address is overseas and are on holiday, working etc in another country.

Where can I sit my exam?

You are only permitted to sit your exam in your home country.

Exams are only held at British Councils (or Home Institutions for visiting students). No alternative venues or dates/times will be considered. Students wishing to sit in the USA or Canada must contact a local, recognised university which is willing to hold their exams (details of which should be passed to the UoE Examinations team).

The British Council has supplied us with a list of venues. There may be instances when these venues are unavailable e.g. local holidays, the venue may no longer be running exams. In this instance, you may choose another British Council, within the country you are applying for. If there are no other British Councils, in the country you are applying to sit an exam, or the other British Council within that country are unable to accommodate the Overseas Service. Then you will be required to return to Edinburgh.

What does it cost?

  • There is a fee of £100 to use the service (per exam). This covers the University’s administration costs, costs of couriers and British Council charges.
  • If the exam is a reassessment then the normal University reassessment fee will apply.
  • Payment is made in advance of the examination(s) and is not refundable. If a student fails to attend the arranged exam no refund will be applicable.
  • If the exam is a reassessment then the normal University reassessment fee will also be charged. The Scholarships and Student Funding Services site (link below) has more information.

How to request to sit an exam overseas?

The closing date for all applications was Tuesday 21 June 2016  All applications will then be sent to the relevant school(s) asking for permission for you to sit these exams away from Edinburgh.  Decisions on your application will not be made until after Wednesday 6 July

What happens next?

  • Decisions on applications will not be made before the start of July 2016. All applications will then be sent to the relevant schools to seek their permissions. An assessment will also be made to ascertain if examinations can be synchronised across the various time zones, in order to retain the integrity of the exams.
  • If the school confirms agreement we will contact the British Council, visiting student's home institution or the relevant institution in the USA/Canada.
  • If exams can be arranged students will receive an email which will contain a link to pay the fees associated with the service. Fees must be paid prior to exam papers being sent to overseas venues. The fee per exam is £100.
  • The re-examination fee of £90 is also payable (an invoice will be sent to students).
  • Once the exam timetable is available, you will receive:
    • Confirmation of the date and time of your exam(s)
    • Contact details of the relevant host centre

How do I cancel my application?

  • Contact the Examinations team immediately. All fees are non-refundable.