Where to find support and advice on your studies.

Students using one of the study areas in the main library

Codes of Practice and Handbook

These documents can be useful to refer to if you have any problems or queries about your course.

Codes of Practice are available online.

Key contacts

If you have any course-related problems you should contact your Programme Director or Supervisor in the first instance.

Postgraduate Advisors or School Administrators can also advise on policy, procedures and regulations affecting your study.

Students' Association

The Advice Place, run by the Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA) can provide advice on all postgraduate issues.

They have staff that specialise in academic issues and can help you understand and use University procedures.

EUSA also run the Peer Proofreading Network, which can help you with the vocabulary, grammar and general clarity of your written English.

Study skills

See out training page for advice on where to access training and resources to develop your study skills.

Postgraduate Forum

A EUSA forum where postgraduate students can talk to each other online, ask questions and share experiences.

Student services

See our guide to all student services for more information on the help that is available.

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