Our sport and exercise facilities are ranked among the very best in the UK.

They include extensive gyms, an outdoor centre, a swimming pool, widespread playing fields and the leading sports injuries clinic in the country,

Also on offer is a year-round programme of exercise classes, sports workshops, fitness advice and performance programmes for student athletes.

Visit the Centre for Sport and Exercise website for more information.

Centre for Sport and Exercise

The Centre for Sport and Exercise (CSE) caters to a diverse range of users from occasional exercisers to international athletes.

The CSE has four main sections:

There are also specialist facilities for climbing and swimming.

Sports clubs

The Edinburgh University Sports Union (EUSU) has over 60 different sports clubs to choose from.

The clubs cater for all levels of ability and there is an intramural sports programme of leagues, tournaments and fun events.

Performance sport

We provide bursaries, training programmes and a range of support services to help gifted students realise their sporting potential.

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