Innovative Learning Week

Innovative Learning Week (ILW) is a festival which inspires, supports, and celebrates creative learning at Edinburgh University.

What is Innovative Learning Week?

Unique to our University, the festival runs from 15-19 February and staff and students are invited to collaborate and explore their teaching and learning experience in a new way.  It’s a great opportunity to gain great skills, meet people from across the University, and realise your ideas in a supported and low-risk environment.

Since it began five years ago, ILW has hosted over 1,000 events across the University from the student-led TEDx University of Edinburgh, the Smart Data Hack, a Maths’ Makers Fair, and numerous collaborations with the local community. Many of initiatives have used ILW as a place to play and experiment in order to scale up after the festival.

Run your own event

We are excited to open applications for this year’s programme around the theme Ideas in Play!

Follow these easy steps to get your event in the programme and get access to a wide range of support and resources (including £300 in funding).

  1. Check out the ILW Handbook. Our brand new ILW Handbook gives you important information and guides you through the process of designing your event.  Download the online ILW Handbook online version here
  2. Contact your ILW School Coordinator. We recommend you contact your ILW School Coordinator in the first instance, contact details available through our directory which is available at the end of the Handbook (link above).
  3. Attend our monthly ILW Meet-ups.  We are hosting monthly thematic ILW Meet-ups to support your idea and help you meet other event organisers. The first one is Wednesday, 30 September on Ideas Development. You can register your spot here.
  4. Share ideas and get helpful tips.  For further support, discussion and details on past events, join on our online community on  Basecamp. By providing your email, we will send you invite.
  5. The deadline for application into the programme and funding is Wednesday, 4 November at 5pm and the application is available here: Innovative Learning Week event application form

Attend an ILW event

The festival runs from 15-19 February and we will be launching the ILW February programme in early December.

More about ILW

Innovative Learning Week aims to:

  • Help you prototype and experiment with different ways of learning and incorporate into your wider University experience.
  • Encourage meaningful and interesting collaborations to enhance the learning experience
  • Celebrate good practice already taking place
  • Help you navigate the University support network to best design, deliver and learn from new ideas
  • Explore what innovation and creativity mean to us and how they can be further supported and embedded

You can read the full manifesto here.

Innovative Learning Week is supported centrally through the Institute for Academic Development in close collaboration with a network of partners across the University, especially our ILW School and Service Coordinators.

Get more information

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