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Peffermill Pitch Conditions

Pitch inspections are carried out regularly at Peffermill.

Pitch inspections are carried out at 10.00 and 16.00 Monday-Friday, decisions after 16.00 will be made as necessary. 


Condition Notes
Cameron Bank 1 ON  
Cameron Bank 2 ON  
A1 ON  
A2 ON  
5's ON  
3G ON  
Cricket Nets ON  
West 2 ON  
West Triangle ON  
South 1 ON  
South 2 ON  
South 3 ON  
East 1 ON  
East Training area ON  
East 3 OFF  
East Cricket 2 CLOSED  
East 4 ON  

Updated: 13/07/15 @09:00


Pitch inspections at weekends will be made at 08.30 and 12.00, decisions after 12.00 will be made as necessary. Please contact Peffermill directly.


Introducing a new way to keep up to date with pitch playability at Peffermill.



Peffermill Playing Fields Office


Laurie Liddell Clubhouse
42 Peffermill Road

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EH16 5LL