Sport & Exercise

Dance based classes

Sport & Exercise offers a range of dance based classes, suitable for all levels of ability, as part of our exercise class programme.

Cardio Street Funk

A high energy dance based class, packed with funky modern routines guaranteed to get your heart pumping to the beat of the tunes!

Level: All levels

Duration: 60 minutes

Dance Fit

A fun, dynamic, dance workout. Learn routines set to a variety of music styles - including funky soul, salsa, disco, and hip-hop - designed to be beneficial to all the main muscle groups, and taught step by step to allow you to easily get to grips with the moves while building up a sweat.

The class is designed to be accessible to those who have never danced before, but it will also push more experienced movers. Tone up, lose some weight, or simply have fun.

Level: All levels

Duration: 60 minutes


A high-energy workout with full body shaping. Movements from traditional African dance are used to create a popular workout/dance session for all. African traditional and pop music help drive and inspire a happy positive attitude to last you all week - feel the burn as we heat up!

Level: All levels

Duration: 40 minutes


Come and try our fabulous Zumba Fitness classes - easy to follow dance moves to pulsating latin rhythms. Join the party today!

Level: All levels

Duration: 45 minutes