Sport & Exercise

Combat style classes

Sport & Exercise offers a range of combat themed classes, suitable for all levels of ability, as part of our exercise class programme.

Combat Fit

A blend of technique, focused pad work and intense conditioning; proper and effective striking techniques will be taught along-side a challenging whole body work out. Perfect for those looking to push themselves and interested in trying a combat style class.

Level: All levels

Duration: 60 minutes


High intensity combat interval training.

Back to basics with no nonsense body weight training: push ups, power squats, burpees and a high intensity punch pad workout to raise your metabolism for over 24 hours.

Maximum results in minimum time!

Level: All levels

Duration: 45 minutes

Jab, Kick and Burn

An ideal all-round fitness session. Combines martial art and boxing type moves and routines, with spells of pad work and conventional dance sequences, it's a must try if you're into fun fitness.

Level: All levels

Duration: 45 minutes