College of Science & Engineering

School of Engineering Building World Leading Marine Test Facility

After receiving a grant of more than £6million pounds from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the University has now commenced design and construction of its new “All-Waters Current and Wave Test Facility”.

Scale model of the facility

The Facility, which will be on the site of the former Ogston building at the King’s Buildings, has been designed to allow the testing of marine energy devices in conditions representative of any deployment zone on the UK continental shelf.

Conditions in the basin, which has an outer diameter of 30m and a testing depth of 2m, have been specified to allow simulation of, for example: the Pentland Firth; Yell Sound, Anglesey Skerries and the North Channel between Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The new facility is unlike any other in operation. It will be capable of operating at scales of up to 1/20th. Uniquely, it will be able to handle wave and current conditions simultaneously, with no directional restrictions to either. No other facility in the world can achieve this, nor are any known to be in planning.