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Easter Bush Pathology provides a comprehensive and competitively-priced diagnostic laboratory service.

We also take pride in providing world-class tuition to veterinary students and advanced training to qualified veterinary surgeons pursuing specialisation in veterinary pathology. In addition, we provide pathology support to a range of biomedical research programmes across the University of Edinburgh and further afield.

The Veterinary Pathology Unit  is based at the Easter Bush Veterinary Centre

In addition to employing highly trained and experienced veterinary pathologists and technicians, we operate to standard operating procedures and undertake rigorous internal and external quality assurance programmes.

Since the beginning of 2004 we have been offering a specialised Muscle Pathology service, including a full structural analysis of muscle tissue samples.

Due to recent changes in our systems, all cytology samples, including urgents, will now be sent to an external laboratory for the foreseeable future. This is necessitating a small price rise to include the courier costs and means that urgent requests will incur an additional charge of £2. The courier pick-up will be daily between 2pm and 3pm. Urgent samples arriving after 3pm will be sent by overnight post. Please submit your samples through Easter Bush Pathology as normal. We ask that clinicians include their own email address on urgent Friday samples so that reports can be sent directly to them on Saturdays.


We offer a wide range of tests, across different areas of pathology.

All prices correct to 31st July 2013

We provide advice and guidelines on sample preparation and delivery, and sample submissions forms are available for download.


Please feel free to contact us with general enquiries about our services.

If you have a specific enquiry about one of our services, please contact the relevant person directly.

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