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Please contact the Post Mortem room on 0131 650 6411 between 9.00 am and 4.30 pm before submitting any carcase for autopsy.

Submissions should be accompanied by a submission sheet giving full signalment, history and clinical signs. Any requests regarding disposal of the carcase (such as individual or group cremation) should be indicated on the submission form.

Unless there is to be undue delay between death and submission, do not freeze the carcase.

For Health and Safety reasons, there are a few carcases which we cannot currently handle at the R(D)SVS. These include old world primates, other primates of uncertain history, psittacine birds and suspected tuberculosis material (including badgers).

If in doubt, contact us for advice before submission. With these exceptions we can handle anything from mice to elephants!


An initial macroscopic report will be given within two days of the autopsy. Any follow-up histopathology will normally be reported within two weeks but please let us know if there is a particular urgency.

Reports are always sent to the submitting practice and not direct to the client.

Histopathology of Necropsy Material (approx 8-10 slides per case)£10.20 per slide
Microbiology at time of necropsy (up to 3 sites)£30.60 (no sensitivity performed)

The standard necropsy fee does not include VAT, cremation/disposal charge or additional microbiology or histopathology

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