The New Teaching Building

After occupying premises within the city of Edinburgh for more than 175 years, the School has moved all its teaching and learning activities to the Easter Bush Campus, seven miles south of the city centre, co-locating with our existing veterinary hospitals and practices.

The New Veterinary Teaching Building

The new £42 million, two storey, 11,500 square metre building was opened in 2011, ready for the 2011-2012 academic year.

The next generation of veterinary professionals

A map turtle being examined by a vet

Our veterinary students will enter one of the most demanding, and at the same time rewarding, professions in the world.

Many will be giving the best possible care to your family pets. Some will push back the boundaries of science by researching causes and treatments of disease.

Yet more will be responsible for the health and welfare of farm animals and the safety of the food you eat.

The new veterinary teaching facility is necessary if Scotland is to deliver professionals who will lead the way in both animal and human healthcare in the 21st century.

Our new purpose-built facility enables us to train many more veterinary professionals, and houses a number of innovative teaching areas and resources to support new ways of learning.

Key benefits of the teaching facility

Our new facility:

  • provides the best educational experience for our student vets
  • will train more professionals in a wide range of veterinary careers (student numbers will rise from 120 to 180 per year)
  • gives students access to the most modern teaching and learning technologies
  • offers more choice in the curriculum, giving students the opportunity to specialise earlier in their training
  • equips students with practical skills from day one, with exceptional teaching, using real cases, in a science based environment
  • will produce highly trained vets who will provide the best possible service to animals and their owners

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