Pool cars

The University provides a pool car for staff and students based at Little France requiring to travel for business purposes.

Staff and students based at all other University sites can join City Car Club for business or personal use at a significantly discounted rate.

Location of the pool car

The pool car is based at Little France (New Royal Infirmary Edinburgh).

The car is parked in the car park to the rear of Chancellor's Building, and after a booking is made, the keys for the car can be collected from the reception in Chancellor's Building.

The car is currently a Ford Fiesta (Petrol) and is University blue with the University crest on both sides.

Authorised driver

You have to be an authorised driver with the University before using the pool car.

To register as an authorised driver, please fill in the authorised driver form and present this along with the paper and photocard parts of your driving licence to your local vehicle coordinator or the Transport and Parking office.

A copy of your driving licence will be kept on file with your authorised drivers form.

You must notify your vehicle coordinator or the Transport and Parking Office of any changes to your driving licence.


The pool car may be booked for a maximum of one day.

Bookings are made through Outlook Calendar. Check if the car is available by selecting "Little France Pool Car" from the Global address list. If available simply make a meeting request with the pool car. Your booking will then be confirmed by the Transport and Parking Office.

If you require a vehicle for more than one day please arrange hire with one of our approved suppliers.

Costs and payment

Use of the pool car is charged at £3 per hour or £25 per day (6 hours or more). There is no additional charge for fuel.

The authorised driver registration form includes a section for departmental cost centres, account and job codes.

The Transport and Parking Office will charge for use of the pool car through the eIT system.

A charge will be made for the full duration of the booking. Refunds cannot be made if the car is returned early. Should the duration of the booking need to be extended the driver must contact the Transport and Parking Office to check that the car is available.

Cars returned late will be charged at the same rate rounded up to the next full hour.


Fuel for the pool cars is paid for by the University using fuelcards.

Fuelcards are provided in the pool car folder you receive when picking up the keys for the pool car.

Please ensure that, on returning the pool car to the University, there is fuel in the tank.

Copies of fuel reciepts should be retained and stored next to the fuel card in the pool car folder.

Vehicle Safety Checklist

Before driving the pool car, you should complete a vehicle safety checklist. The vehicle safety checklist will be provided inside the folder for the pool car which you will be given to you when you pick up the keys for the pool car.

If no vehicle safety checklist is provided, please contact the Transport and Parking office.

Transport and Parking Office Estates Department
13 Infirmary Street
Edinburgh EH1 1LT
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)131 650 9101 or 650 9554
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