Henry Dryerre Scholarship

The Henry Dryerre Scholarship was established by the Royal Society of Edinburgh and is administered by the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland.

The award is offered, triennially, to graduates of a Scottish university holding a degree with first-class honours in medical or veterinary physiology and is to be held at a Scottish institution. The next award will be offered in 2013

The Scholarship will be tenable for one year in the first instance. Subject to satisfactory progress by the Scholar, it will be renewed for a second year and thereafter, for a third year. The Scholar will be expected to devote his/her whole time to the purpose for which the Scholarship is awarded. Applications for a period of less than three years will not be considered appropriate.

The annual value of the Scholarship is £15,200 in the 2012-13 academic year.


Applicants for the Scholarship must be graduates of a Scottish University, or students who expect to graduate at a Scottish University within a short time of making their application. A degree with First-Class Honours is a necessary pre-requisite for consideration; in Faculties which do not award Honours, e.g. Medicine, the equivalent standard will be expected.


Applicants for the Scholarship must be nominated by a Professor, Reader or Lecturer in a Scottish University. Nominators must note that one Scholarship is awarded every three years and that the strictest standards of selection will be enforced. In assessing applicants for nomination, nominators will be expected to have regard to the awards obtainable for postgraduate study or research from such bodies as the Research Councils. A Henry Dryerre Scholarship is not tenable with a Government-funded Research Studentship, Research Council award or comparable scholarship.

Nomination forms, to be signed by the nominator and the applicant, may be downloaded from the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland website.

Nomination forms must be returned not later than 15th March of each year. The award will be announced at the beginning of July each year.

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