Funding for disabled students

Disabled students may be eligible to apply to different sources for financial assistance with their studies. This funding can be used to purchase specialist/assistive equipment, to employ personal assistants, and to cover other costs associated their disability such as additional photocopying.

The Disabled Students’ Allowance offers a basic annual allowance of up to £1,725 in 2013-14 for items such as tapes, braille paper, extra photocopying charges, additional dietary requirements, and any additional course expenses which are related to your impairment.

There is an allowance of up to £20,520 per academic year for personal assistants, such as notetakers, proofreaders, library assistance, sign language interpreters, or study skills support.

An equipment allowance of up to £5,160 is made for the whole period of your programme of study, and covers the cost of assistive technologies such as personal computers, radio aids, digital recorders, screen-readers and dyslexia-friendly software, and ergonomic keyboards and mice.

If you are not able to use public transport, there is no limit to the amount of help that can be given with your travel costs. For example, if required taxi fares can be paid to take you to university every day.

For further information you should contact SAAS or your local authority. Alternatively, you can contact the Student Disability Service for advice on applying for DSA, on being assessed for appropriate equipment support, and to find out more about working with personal assistants.

For details on the University’s Disability Statement and other useful information, including funding for disabled students who are not eligible to apply for Disabled Students’ Allowance, visit the Student Disability Service website or contact the Student Disability Service directly.

Student Disability Service
The University of Edinburgh
Third Floor
Main Library Building
Edinburgh EH8 9LJ
Tel: 0131 650 6828

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