My responsibilities

At University you need to learn to become more independent and organised than perhaps you were used to at school or work. We can help you take more responsibility for your own learning and take control of your studies.

Student studying by a tree

If you have, or think you may have, a disability or dyslexia and wonder if you would benefit from support during your studies, we are happy to discuss your concerns at the earliest opportunity.

Become an independent learner

In order for a range of support to be put in place, you need to be proactive and accept responsibility for your own learning. It might be the first time you have had to assume this role since leaving school. We can help you achieve this goal and work as independently as possible.

School leavers

If you have had support at school and wish to discuss possible support during your studies, please speak to an Advisor as soon as possible. Ideally, this would be prior to accepting the offer of a place. This will help us to investigate the necessary support during your studies.

All students

Any student wishing to arrange support must provide evidence of their disability or specific learning difficulties. The university has clear guidelines regarding the evidence required.

You should be aware that the university has deadlines for putting exam support in place, e.g. extra time or use of a computer. For this reason, it is important that you come to see us as soon as possible, to ensure that support can be put in place at the appointed times.

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