If you are applying as a new student through UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) there will be an opportunity for you to note on your application any disabilities, special needs or medical conditions.

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Disclosure of your disability or impairment

The UCAS disability codes are as follows:

  • A. No disability.
  • B. You have a social/communication impairment such as Asperger's syndrome/other autistic spectrum disorder.
  • C. You are blind or have a serious visual impairment uncorrected by glasses.
  • D. You are deaf or have a serious hearing impairment.
  • E. You have a long standing illness or health condition such as cancer, HIV, diabetes, chronic heart disease, or epilepsy.
  • F. You have a mental health condition, such as depression, schizophrenia or anxiety disorder.
  • G. You have a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or AD(H)D.
  • H. You have physical impairment or mobility issues, such as difficulty using your arms or using a wheelchair or crutches.
  • I. You have a disability, impairment or medical condition that is not listed above.
  • J. You have two or more impairments and/or disabling medical conditions

We strongly encourage you to let us know if you have any of the above impairments or disabilities as it enables us to discuss with you, agree and implement any support that you may require.

We will only discuss disability-related information with other members of staff once you have given us permission, or if we need to do this for reasons of health and safety, emergency or public policy. Before we put support in place we ask for your consent to pass on information to those who need to know so that they can provide your support.

Consent to pass on information form

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