Free weights

The Pleasance gym has three dedicated free weights training rooms designed for training at various levels.

Bench weights provision, houseed over two vaulted cellars.

Additionally, there are some lighter free weights in our Circuits gym.

Free Weights: Vaults

New for 2010 our FW Vaults gym (pictured above) is provisioned with 42 state-of-the-art bench weights stations housed over two vaulted cellars. This area features:

  • 36 power-lift benches
  • Ivanko dumb-bells; 6-70 kilogrammes
  • Four power-lifting platforms
  • Two Pullum cable machines

Free Weights One (FW1): Olympic

Our FW1 Olympic gym offers the ultimate in strength training:

  • International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) approved Olympic competition bars and plates
  • Olympic benches and cages
  • Four Olympic lifting platforms

Free weights induction

To use this area members must fill in a “self-certification” form found outside FW1. The Gym Manager will grant FW1 access on the members card and if needed arrange a member of the gym team to show them any lifts that they cannot complete.

Circuits gym

Our Circuits gym provides numerous items of training equipment including free weights:

  • Dumbbells: 1-12.5 kilogrammes
  • Barbells: 4-25 kilogrammes


Access to all of the free weights areas is included in the price of your Centre for Sport and Exercise (CSE) membership or CSE guest entry access.

How to book

None of these areas are bookable spaces. However, if you or your group have specific training needs please contact the Client Services Team.

Sports Centre Client Services Team
46 Pleasance
Edinburgh EH8 9TJ
United Kingdom


  • The Vaults can be accessed via a lift.
  • FW1 Olympic is fully accessible directly on the ground floor.
  • The Circuits gym is on the third floor and can only be accessed by stairs.
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