Hire and sale items

We stock a large range of climbing equipment available for hire at the Tower reception while some items can be bought at the main Pleasance reception.

Hire items

Prices valid from 1 August 2013

  • Harness hire: £1.00
  • Shoe hire: £2.00
  • Belay hire: £1.00
  • Chalk: £1.00
  • All four items (harness, shoes, belay, chalk): £3.00
  • Schmoolz: £2.00
An indoor training tool for ice climbing

Harnesses and shoes to fit all sizes are available for hire; along with belay devices. We have a couple of weight bags for those who need them. Lead climbers will however have to bring their own lead rope.

Sale items

Basic climbing supplies, chalk balls and bags, and finger tape, are available to buy from the main Pleasance reception.

  • Chalk balls: £2.00
  • Chalk bags: £12.00
  • Chalk bag belts: £2.95
  • Tape (1.25 centimetre x 5 metre): £2.50
  • Tape (2.5 centimetre x 5 metre): £3.50

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